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Have A Big Mexican Fiesta But Keep A Skinny Waiste

by Peppi Hautala

If you are hosting a Mexican-themed fiesta at your home make sure you get great food without consuming unnecessary calories. You can create a meal plan that is fresh and tasty, without having to worry about getting too much sodium, cholesterol and other things that are bad for your health. Here are a few Mexican food suggestions for meal options at your fiesta, and a drink option as well. 

Reduced Sodium

If you're going to be buying prepacked seasoning for any of your fajitas or your tacos, look for packages that offer reduced sodium options. You also want to choose shells, tortillas and chips that are low sodium, instead of the options that are heavily salted. Using whole grain tortillas and taco shells is also a heart healthy option in comparison to enriched flour choices.

Brown Rice

As you start to make rice, avoid the prepackaged recipes that are high in sodium and contain white rice. Instead, get brown rice and add Mexican seasonings like chili pepper to the rice to add flavoring. This can be mixed in with dishes or served as a side dish.

Make it Fresh

If you plan on using a vegetable mix with the meal, guacamole or salsa, find a fresh recipe and avoid any prepackaged options that are filled with preservatives. Instead, you can get a blender and chop fresh vegetables to make an easy garden salsa, or you can blend avocado with the salsa to make guacamole.

Baked Instead of Fried

As you start to buy items for the meal, make sure that you get chips that are baked in the oven instead of deep fried. You can also get baked tortilla shells. If you want to make chimichangas or items that have a flaky pastry shell, you can put these in the oven instead of putting them in a fryer with grease.


Make your own margaritas from scratch to avoid calories, or buy light Mexican beer for your guests. If you're going to do other types of daiquiris, make sure that you use natural fruit juices instead of mixes containing heavy syrups. There are even margaritas bottles you can buy already made that are designed to be low calorie. 

If you want to have a great Mexican party where everyone can eat and fill their plates with great food, without expanding their waist, these are ways to cut calories. Fresh recipes are always best, and you can create your own Mexican dishes to keep things unique and original.