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White Bread: Should You Eat It?

by Peppi Hautala

For years, you've heard that white bread should be avoided like the plague. Much of its nutritional value has been processed away, so people usually only eat it because they love the taste. But although other types of bread are healthier, white bread can still play a role in your daily diet. 


The soft texture of white bread may entice you to use it as your primary sandwich bread. When following a 2000 calorie daily diet, you need 28 grams of fiber. Unfortunately, the average slice of white bread only contains 0.5 grams compared to the 2 grams of its healthier cousin, wheat bread. It also has low levels of nutrients like protein and potassium. 

Although white bread doesn't help your health, moderate amounts of it will not harm you, either. The average slice of white bread contains only 67 calories. Although the sodium level is 170 mg per slice, you can easily fit that into the Food and Drug Administration's recommended 2300 mg daily sodium limit. White bread in moderation will not harm your health or make you fat, so feel free to order a sandwich on white every now and then. 

Better Options

If you are a white bread lover, you should try to expand your horizons by trying whole grain bread choices instead. They are healthier choices because they do offer more fiber and nutrients. If you choose pumpernickel, you will be adding a delicious new taste to your diet while improving your digestion due to the bread's high fiber content. Pumpernickel also provides "lignans," a substance that is helpful in fighting some cancers. You may also try a multigrain bread that gives you protein, fiber, and complex carbohydrates. Many people love the taste and thrive on the energy that multigrain products give them. Other great sandwich bread choices include honey oat, whole wheat, rye, and seven grain. 

When you go to a sandwich restaurant, you will find a fabulous array of bread choices at your disposal, many of them healthy and delicious. Feel free to occasionally indulge your white bread habit, but mix it up by choosing healthier options as well. Once you leave the smoothness of white bread behind, you may find that you prefer something chewier and more substantial. When you have the right foundation for your sandwich, experiment with healthy toppings. Find a great sandwich shop through websites like and work to create your own unique combination.