Finding Problems With Your Restaurant

Own A Restaurant? Ways To Improve Customer Service In Your Business

by Peppi Hautala

If you own a restaurant, you are likely facing stiff competition from similar restaurants in your area. Having outstanding food can help set your restaurant apart from others, but even that isn't always enough. In addition to having amazing food and unique offerings, you need to make sure your staff is providing great customer service skills. Customer service can make or break your restaurant. Here are a few ways to improve customer service in your restaurant.

Hire Private Diners to Give you Feedback About Your Staff

If you are hesitant to hire private diners, you are not alone. Private diners are like private shoppers. You pay these people to eat in your restaurant, and in return, they give you feedback on both your wait staff and your food. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employees to be on their best behavior when their boss is around, only to drop the charade when they feel their boss isn't looking. If this is happening in your restaurant, you may have no idea who the bad employees are. Hiring private diners can give you a real feel for who is up-to-par and who needs some additional training.

Train Your Staff in Acceptable Responses to Every Foreseeable Situation

Take the time to teach your staff how you expect them to handle certain situations. While you may feel that they know what to do if a customer becomes angry at them or does not like their food, they may not handle it in a manner that you would like to see happen. It takes time to train your staff, but this can give you a competitive edge in the competitive restaurant business.

Bribe Your Staff with Rewards for Outstanding Reviews

There is nothing wrong with bribing your staff for exceptional services or reviews. However, many restaurant owners don't do this as they may feel that a great tip is enough of an incentive to do a good job. However, enticing your servers or waitstaff with additional bonuses or rewards can up the ante and give them even more incentive to work hard and go out of their way to please your customers. This is a win-win for both of you.

Nothing is more off-putting to a diner than a snooty waitress or a waiter they feel isn't accommodating their reasonable requests. And unfortunately, people will go on social media sites and tell others about their poor dining experiences. Taking the time to learn how your staff acts when you aren't around, properly training them and rewarding them for outstanding customer service can help increase the customer service in your business and improve the overall experience for people dining in your restaurant.