Finding Problems With Your Restaurant

Love Eating Out But Not The Calories? Easy Ways To Eat Without Guilt

by Peppi Hautala

If you are eating out at a restaurant and you want to keep things healthy while still enjoying your meal, there are a few ways you can cut calories and make sure your meal is still what you hoped for. You need to know what to order, and making sure your portions are the right size can make a big difference in how healthy your meal is.

Every restaurant should have something you can enjoy while sticking with your diet plan. Here are a few things to consider.

Gluten Free Options

If you are trying to cut gluten out of your diet there are a variety of restaurants that have a gluten free menu to order from, or you can ask if them if they have any entrees they know are gluten free. You can even look at the menu items from other restaurants and create your own meal at any restaurant to make your meal gluten free. The restaurant should be willing to work with any intolerance you have.

Portion Management

Portion sizes in America have doubled and even tripled in some restaurants over time, causing people to eat more and consume more calories when they sit down for a meal. When the waiter brings you a sandwich, burger, entrée, or appetizer, put half of it in a box to take home right away. This way you don't let yourself overeat. You can also consider splitting a meal with someone so you both don't overeat, and so you don't have to take the food home.

Start with a Salad

Start with a fresh garden salad without cheese and ask for the dressing on the side. Only add a tablespoon full, which would be the recommended amount, and eat the salad before your meal. This will help fill your stomach to prevent you from overeating when your main entrée gets to the table, and the salad is filled with health vegetables.

These are three easy ways to help you consume less of the unhealthy things that you can be subject to when you eat out, while still enjoying the dishes that you love. Drinking a full glass of water before you start to eat your meal or before you order a beverage that isn't healthy for you can also help you avoid drinking too many calories during the meal. The smarter you are while you're there the less guilty you'll feel when you leave, or when you want to go back. For more information, talk to American food restaurants.