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Pulling Off A Perfect Marriage Proposal At A Restaurant

by Peppi Hautala

If you are planning to ask your significant other for their hand in marriage in the near future, you will most likely want to propose in a way that will be remembered and cherished forever. Consider taking your loved one to a restaurant to pop the question. After enjoying succulent dishes, you will be ready to propose with the desired atmosphere in an area where you will have your partner's undivided attention. Here are some tips in finding the perfect restaurant for this endeavor, ensuring the ambiance is perfect as a result.

Select A Place With Meaning

When picking out a restaurant to propose, choose one that has meaning. For example, going to a restaurant where you had your first date together, one you both found exceptional and frequent often, or one you had both wanted to try but haven't been able to yet would all be great reasons to pick it for your proposal. Your girlfriend or boyfriend will be delighted in knowing you thought about their feelings regarding the location to be asked, making it sure to be a restaurant you will visit again in the future as a married couple.

Call To Request Help

Letting restaurant staff in on your little secret will make the evening run much smoother. They will not be taken off guard with the proposal and will do their best to accommodate small touches that will make the event even more perfect. You will have exceptional service throughout the dinner as the staff will be anxiously awaiting your proposal as much as you are. Arrange for special touches such as a bottle of champagne to toast your new engagement or a decadent dessert delivered to share with your partner after you finish asking the question. Most restaurants will be happy to go out of their way in helping your proposal go by perfectly if they are asked to be a part of the festivities.

Reserve The Perfect Table

Inquire about reserving a table in the establishment where you can ask the question according to the desired amount of attention you wish others to give. If you would rather have an intimate dinner where you are able to profess your love without onlookers knowing your business, the restaurant will be sure to seat you in a more secluded area so you can concentrate on the task at hand. If you enjoy being the center of attention and you are sure your partner will not be overly embarrassed to be watched by others, ask for a seat in a more populated area. 

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