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Three Add-On Services to Make Your Catering Business Stand Out

by Peppi Hautala

Caterers face a lot of competition to get new clients, but there are some unique add-on services you can offer that will help you stand out. These services can also be offered at an additional cost, and this can help to boost sales as well. Here are just a few fun ways to make your catering service unique and attractive.

Themed Uniforms

Go beyond the dress shirt and tie to give your customers a more personalized catering experience. Choose several themed outfits your servers can wear during events to bring a festive atmosphere to the meal service. The outfits should match the different types of menu options your customers can choose from. If you offer Hawaiian-themed pig roast menus, have your staff dress in Hawaiian shirts and leis. For formal affairs, opt for tuxedo vests and select ties in the color of your client's event. This is a particularly good idea for weddings or anniversary parties. You can charge a small fee to cover the cost of renting or purchasing the uniforms.

Pre-Printed Menus

Instead of leaving it to your clients to have menus printed up for each event, consider having them printed as part of the catering package. Have a few different menu themes clients can choose from for a more customized experience, and have the menus ready to place at each table before the events. You can even go an extra step and print out menu selection cards that can be placed inside of invitations so guests can select the meal option they want for weddings or formal events.

China and Silverware Selections

Instead of offering one type of plate for your meals to be served on, consider investing in several sets of china and silverware so clients can choose the colors and patterns that work best for their event themes. You can also extend this option to colored tablecloths and napkins so your customers don't need to go through a separate vendor to rent these items. You can charge for the rentals, and your customers will be able to save a step in the event-planning process.

Don't be afraid to get creative with add-on services for your catering business. With unique options that set you apart from the competition, you can make your company the one that makes event planning easy and fun for your clients. These ideas can also be great ways to generate extra revenue for your business.