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Throw A Memorable Party For Your Child Before They Leave For College

by Peppi Hautala

If you are going to be throwing a party for your child before they leave for college at the end of the summer, the following ideas can help the celebration make enjoyable for everyone who attends. As a result, your child will feel cherished and will be provided with fond memories that they can look back upon while they are away at school.

Erect A Canopy To Use For Dining And Relaxing

Erect a canopy that will be large enough for everyone to eat, drink, and relax afterwards. Set up several tables and patio chairs underneath the canopy that are spaced several feet apart. Add a few lounge chairs or portable hammocks to another area under the canopy so that guests can mingle with each other and relax once their meal is over. Play music nearby for everyone to enjoy. Hang paper lanterns or a string of lights across the top of the canopy to increase visibility if the party is going to be held while it is dark outside.

Order Food In Advance

Call one of your child's favorite restaurants and order a wide range of dishes so that everyone who attends the party will be satisfied with the selection that they are provided with. Inquire about a delivery service or order food online so that your purchases are conveniently dropped off at your home.

If the restaurant offers catering, consider choosing this service so that you can spend time with your child throughout the party without needing to serve guests or clean up once everyone has eaten. A caterer will set up a table that contains all of the dishes that you have ordered and will add more food to the spread if necessary. Once everyone has finished dining, a catering crew will collect any dishes, silverware, and cups and will clean tabletops so that guests can use them while eating dessert or sipping a drink. 

Rent Games And Hire An Entertainer

Rent games from a party shop, such as a dunking booth, ring toss, or inflatable bull ride. When the rentals are delivered to your property, you can choose where you would like the delivery crew to set them up. Attendees can compete against each other and enjoy themselves at the same time.

Hire an entertainer that you think that your child would like. A magician, dancer, or singer may impress everyone who attends the celebration. Call some local performers in order to find one who charges a rate that will fit into your budget. Reserve their services for a specific time and set up a seating area beforehand so that guests can comfortably watch the performance.